Inspiration ~ Plongée

🐡 Underwater explorations

The cove of Anse Dupuy (Vieux-Fort) is extremely rich dive sites rarely visited, far from the “spots” of the leeward coast. We plunge in select committee on sites that allow all types of explorations.

It plunges under the cliffs of 3 Spikes or Phare, which descend up to 25 meters, in a setting of giant, colorful sponges, barracudas, green turtles, jacks and other wahoo are often of the game. There is also much deeper sites starting to Lower Earth “tumble” blithely in the depths of 100 meters area for the most seasoned mixes and rebreathers divers.In short, there is something for everyone, and I am ready to receive beginners and more experienced.

We leave either the edge, directly from the small beach of Anse Dupuy or boat the “saury”, a former semi rigid military Zeppelin 22 feet and 150 CV, certified for 20 people, but arranged to comfortably accommodate 8 divers on board, protected from the sun by a bimini top.

I regularly organizes trips to the wreck of Augustin Fresnel in Bouillante (30 minutes of navigation), a magnificent diving reserved EP 40 (diver framed in the area of 40 meters) to the minimum and Sec Pâté, if the sea permits.