Inspiration ~ Plongée

Diving in Guadeloupe

Inspiration Plongée center is located in Vieux-Fort in the south of the island of Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe and offers different types of custom dive and supervised by a licensed professional monitor by the French Federation Diving. The services are aimed at all age groups and both beginner and experienced, include the adult discoveries, underwater explorations by day or night, courses from Level 1 to Level 3, discoveries and training circuit rebreather closed, and many more specialized formulas (nitrox, trimix, etc).

Tortue marine
Départ bateau exploration
Pointe sud de Basse-Terre
Plongée à l'Anse Dupuy
Antennaire strié
Port de Vieux-Fort
Phare de Vieux-Fort

The dives take place starting from:

  • either from the coast from Anse Dupuy in Vieux-Fort, a spot that conceals a rich and preserved fauna and flora
  • either on the open sea from the boat “le Fizou”, for exploring the Baillif ridges, the wreck of the Augustin Fresnel in Bouillante or the remarkable seabed of the Sec Pâté in the Saintes canal