• Adult discovery
    When our decision-appointment, by phone, we set date and time, we noted your sizes to select the equipment best suited to your body and we find ourselves on the small beach of Vieux Fort. After a briefing, to get acquainted, to tame this new material and so I can answer all your questions, we immerse ourselves in a clear water and an ideal temperature all year round, rich fauna and unique flora. The dive will last at least 35-40 minutes and will be a strictly individual experience. Baptism is a “first time” we will take all the time necessary for this experience makes you want to continue this extraordinary activity that is diving, either with me, or in other places!



  • Child discovery
    From eight years, it is possible to also discover the “bottle” diving. The depth will be slightly lower than for adults to follow all safety rules that fortunately highly regulated activity.Immersion will last about 25 minutes, because the child’s body cools faster than that of adults, even in water at 28 °! Of course, I have complete facilities, specifically dedicated to young people.


  • The recycler discovery
    DSC02652For experienced divers holding a Level 2 minimum, I propose a discovery dive closed circuit. Electronic Recyclers Inspiration and Evolution of the British brand AP Diving are fantastic machines to dive, enabling autonomy and difficult to envisage diving depths classic bottle. In addition, the absence of bubbles allows an approach to wildlife hitherto prohibited. With my experience as a diver caving, where I could reach 160m depth cavity, and my training experience, the first in Guadeloupe to be certified divers now use their recycling every week I you offers the space of a dive “become beginner” and try the completely silent dive allows this beautiful machine.